Managed WiFi

The Essential Guide to Managed Wifi

Workplace WiFi is just as important to today’s operations as it is to today’s technologies, so why do more businesses choose a managed WiFi service over the simple, cost-effective option? Maybe they do not know it is an option. Less than 10 years ago, only large offices simply placed a pricey, wireless router in their Information Technology closet and called it a night.

Today, most of the small to medium size businesses use a managed wifi service, allowing multiple access points on one premise. This is a tremendous time saver and allows employees to be mobile while on the job. Instead of having to take their laptops, routers, and other technology with them to each workstation, each employee has access to it at their own personal workstation. Having multiple access points not only increases productivity, but makes the most sense. With the amount of information being shared in a given day at work, each employee can access it from any location within the office or even at home if they so choose. Having a wireless connection maximizes all these activities.

One of the benefits of having a managed type of WiFi is that it will allow a company to reap the benefits of the technology quickly. For example, if the company wants to add an employee, install some printers, or change the level of service from community to business, all they have to do is make a few selections and the new equipment is installed. In almost every case, the installation will come with a short term managed wifi plan, which allows the company to test the setup and see how well it works. Once the company is sure that the system works as desired, they will typically purchase a long term contract for the same service.

If you are looking into getting your own Managed WiFi then the first thing to look for is a good service provider. There are a number of different ones available to choose from. Some are better than others and all offer different options. Before deciding on which one to get, you should do a little research into the various companies and what their reputations are like. Read reviews and ask people who have used their services to find out where they lived. This is a great way to find out what kind of support they receive and how efficient their staff is.

The next step to getting a managed wifi system is to do a needs analysis of your company.

This needs to include an inventory of the number of computers and laptops in the office. You need to know the amount of bandwidth the computers and laptops use as well as a good estimate of the number of people coming into the office. You should also need to know the MAC address of each computer and the networks they use. All of this information will help you with choosing a managed services provider that can offer you managed services for your office network infrastructure.

If you are looking at Managed WiFi services, you will have to provide the businesses with a list of their hardware and software needs. This will include access to the internet, printing capabilities and management of the WAN ip address. It will also require the use of the latest MS SQL Server database servers as well as other back-end admin tools. Your business operations manager will then discuss your needs with the service provider and determine which managed service would be best for you. Some of these services may include WAN ip address managing, network performance monitoring, software inventory and WAN setup, network security, wireless access management and mobile computing.

There are many different companies that offer managed services for Managed WiFi.

Many of them have been around for quite some time and are well established. They can offer you a number of different options that may include WAN IP networking, WAN setup and management, device management, network performance and security, support for various devices including printers, computers, laptops, smart phones, tablet computers, networking devices and telephones and much more. The advantage of choosing a managed service provider is that you can have the company manage your networks, devices and back-end admin and be able to relax knowing that your office is in good hands.

When choosing a managed wifi solution, make sure to look for companies that have years of experience in the industry. There are many new companies that offer managed solutions, but it is important to make sure that the company you choose has years of experience in the field and that they provide services that will improve your customer experience.

  • It is important that you have access to topnotch technology and outstanding support if you are looking to improve your customer experience and keep up with the competition.
  • It is also important that you choose a managed service provider that will be able to handle all aspects of your network infrastructure and that will provide you with options that will meet your unique needs.
  • Finding a top managed service provider that has a solid track record and experience will allow you to enjoy the benefits of managed connectivity at an affordable cost.